Hi, my name is

Diogo Pereira

Front-end Developer

I have been specializing primarily in Front-End development to ensure excellent user experiences. I am always seeking new opportunities to apply my knowledge. I enjoy studying other areas in my spare time.

About me

Since I was 14 years old, I have been involved in the world of programming. It all started when I began creating plugins for Minecraft, and I quickly found myself immersed in this fascinating universe. For a while, I also had the opportunity to work on a Minecraft server, which provided me with valuable experiences.

However, I felt the need to broaden my horizons and pursue a career in web development. I was drawn to the endless possibilities of customization and the freedom to bring innovative ideas to life through web pages.

During this transition, I had the opportunity to work on various freelance projects, covering a wide range of areas. From creating websites related to anime to more unique projects, each one challenged me and allowed me to explore my creativity to the fullest.



Experience -



      Small Projects

      Age Calculator

      Calculate your age from your date of birth, project created from the site front-end mentor.

      Search bar

      Simple project of a search bar, challenge by the "Ballerini" discord server.

      Responsive navbar

      Simple responsive navbar, project made to help a friend.

      Tables layout

      Layout made using the HTML tables.

      Game card

      Game themed card.

      Pure CSS - Animated menu icon

      An animated menu icon created using only CSS.